Christ Church Dalbeattie is a Scottish Episcopalian church SEC website and belongs to the United Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway UDGG website .  The Scottish Episcopal Church is a member of the Anglican Communion of Churches and sister church to the Church of England CoE website.  The SEC has recently recently produced a new Welcome video.

If you are visiting Scotland or have recently moved to the area and you normally worship in an Anglican church in England, Wales or Ireland you will find the Episcopalian style of worship to be the most similar and familiar to your usual services at home.

Weekly Services

All details of our weekly services appear on the Worship page of this website.  Occasional special services will be included on the What’s On page.  You are most welcome to join us for any of our services.  Being part of a community set in the popular holiday area of Dumfries & Galloway we do like to have visitors and always serve coffee after morning worship as part of our welcome and outreach.


This week we welcome the Reverend Christopher Ketley as our new Rector.  His induction will take place on Wednesday 3rd October, 12 noon at St Ninian’s Church, Castle Douglas  when he becomes Rector of St Ninian’s CD and Christ Church Dalbeattie.  The service will be followed by a lunch in the Gordon Memorial Hall.  All are welcome to come and celebrate.

Christopher’s first service at Christ Church will be on Thursday 4th October at 10.00 am for the mid-week communion, and then to celebrate our Harvest Service on Sunday 7th October at 9.30 am.

As Christopher and Jane prepare to join us they have written to the congregation this introduction:

‘Dear friends in Christ,

Peace be with you.

I am greatly looking forward to serving as your Rector at St Ninian’s, Castle Douglas & Christ Church, Dalbeattie. My wife, Jane has had links with Galloway through her family for many years. It is thanks to her that I have come to know and love the people of Galloway, and especially the hills!

Since being ordained priest in 1996, I have served in the Dioceses of Liverpool, Manchester, and Moray, Ross, and Caithness. The towns, cities and countryside have all been very different, but the experience and needs of God’s people in life can be quite similar.

Before ordination I worked in sales selling tea and coffee into catering outlets across the UK and Jane worked as a GP for many years in Todmorden, and then Elgin. Our family consists of two Labradors, Dominic and Joshua – whom, I am sure, you will meet around Castle Douglas and Dalbeattie soon.

The challenge for any priest today is to make God present in the 21stcentury. There is a huge temptation to aim to be relevant but Henri Nouwen would say ‘we need to be irrelevant’! The great privilege of my ministry has been to be present at times of great Joy and sorrow in people’s lives. The Way of Jesus Christ is about relationship: with God, and our neighbours. I hope that through walking with you, on your journey, we can, together, show God’s way to live life. The world in which we live is crying out to be loved. Too many people feel alone and uncared for.

As Jesus says: “…where two or three meet in my name, I shall be with them.” Matt 18:19

Jane and I look forward to getting to know you all.

The door of the Rectory will always be open.

Yours in Christ

Christopher and Jane’

Just as we welcome our new full-time Rector, Christopher on 3rd October, we are also saying farewell to two of our part-time NSM ministers Beryl Scott and Mark Smith.

Thank you Beryl . . .

The Reverend Beryl Scott is ‘retiring’ from her regular Sunday and Thursday commitments with Christ Church after many years’ service among us. We thank her for all she has given to us in so many ways.

. . . and Mark

The Reverend Mark Smith has reached the end of his NSM (non-stipendiary ministry) agreement with us. He and Debbie are investigating what God has for them next as they consider Mark going back into ‘full-time’ Ministry. Again we are thankful for his Ministry among us over the last four years.

You can see photos of Mark’s last service at Christ Church on the What’s On page.

This month’s message from Christopher

Picture1.jpgDear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

This has been a difficult year for farmers and for many families. Giving thanks for the Harvest can seem a strange thing when so many of the population live disconnected from the land, and have no understanding of agriculture and the farmers way of life. After all, doesn’t our food just appear on the shelves of supermarkets? The price for the commodity is all that matters! Sadly for many even, those prices are sometimes too high. All at the cost of the farmers who have had a particularly difficult year this year.

The cusp of September and October is also the season of angels!

An angel is a function rather than a nature. When a heavenly spirit is given a task they become angels (usually delivering a message like the angel Gabriel to Mary – Jesus’ mother).

I like angels for they show the Will of God for us, and protect us. On the 29thSeptember we keep the Feast of St. Michael, St. Gabriel, and St. Raphael who are all archangels – the most important type of angel. These three archangels have special tasks:  Michael means “Who is like God”; Gabriel is “The Strength of God”; and Raphael is “God’s Remedy.” The Archangel Michael is sent to perform tasks that only God can do. Gabriel announces God’s strength with the coming of Jesus. And Raphael is the archangel with the power to heal (you will recall how he cured Tobit’s blindness in the Book of Tobit).

What is not so commonly known is that the 2ndOctober is the Feast of Guardian Angels. I particularly like this feast day because it reminds us that God cares for us individually! At times of great anxiety, trouble, illness and depression this is of great comfort because our Guardian Angels are there to protect us. God is with us! As we read in Matthew’s Gospel:

See that you never despise any of these little ones, for I tell you that their angels in heaven always gaze on the face of my Father in heaven. (18: 10)

This is all about God’s love for you and me.

The harvest didn’t fail, because God loves us. It is right that we should give thanks for the many blessings that we have received this year. That is why we at Christ Church, Dalbeattie & St. Ninian’s Castle Douglas will be giving thanks for the bringing in of the Harvest, and all that we have received on Sunday 7th, October.

Our day-to-day life is of vital importance as the mystery of transformation is worked out in us and through us by the power of Christ. No detail is insignificant because the reassimilation of all creation in Christ is to be complete.                          John Main

If life is hard or difficult. Say a prayer to God and ask for the protection of your Guardian angel.

It would be lovely if you could join with us this Harvest Sunday to say thank you.

With love in Christ

Christopher Ketley

Rector of St. Ninian’s, Castle Douglas & Christ Church, Dalbeattie


Are you in need of prayer? 

Whether it be a personal issue or a concern for another person or situation, or even a desire to get closer to God, the Ministry of Laying-On-Of-Hands gives an opportunity to open up to God.

We offer it in faith that God wants to work in people’s lives and wants to use us as His channels. Sometimes it brings healing, sometimes empowerment, sometimes wisdom – always it opens us to God’s Love, Mercy and Grace.

The Priest simply places a hand on someone’s head and prays for God to bless them, acting as a channel for God’s Love, Mercy and Grace.

We now offer this Ministry during Communion – just carry your Pew Sheet with you to the rail and the Priest will ask your name and pray for you before administering Communion.

How to find us

Christ church stands at the junction of High Street and Blair Street,
Dalbeattie, Dumfries and Galloway, DG5 4DT

Click here to see us on   google maps 


In the first instance, all enquiries should go to our Rector, The Reverend Christopher Ketley.
Address:   The Rectory
                   St Andrews Street
                   Castle Douglas
                   Dumfries and Galloway
                   DG7 1EN
Phone:       01556 505894/07932 183 069
Email:        cg.ketley@zen.co.uk


Christ Church Scottish Episcopal Church Dalbeattie is a registered Scottish Charity. Charity Number SC010918

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