Christ Church Dalbeattie is a Scottish Episcopalian church SEC website and belongs to the United Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway UDGG website .  The Scottish Episcopal Church is a member of the Anglican Communion of Churches and sister church to the Church of England CoE website.  The SEC has recently recently produced a new Welcome video.

If you are visiting Scotland or have recently moved to the area and you normally worship in an Anglican church in England, Wales or Ireland you will find the Episcopalian style of worship to be the most similar and familiar to your usual services at home.


We are now in the season of Epiphany , the first great Christian festival of the New Year . In the west we have unfortunately allowed this time of the year to be almost eclipsed by Christmas . Our fellow Christians in the East, particularly the Greek and Russian Orthodox churches celebrate this as the sense of Our Lord Jesus coming into the world – and staying there until at least his early thirties . This season continues for some six weeks , and includes His baptism , being presented in the Jewish tradition in the Temple, His first miracles and choosing His first disciples , with the preparation for the mighty miracle of Easter not so far away.

Of course it begins with the Wise Men, the Magi, sometimes called Kings who travelled far across the world to acknowledge the new- born baby in Bethlehem’s rough stable , son of Mary and Joseph of the poorest outcast shepherding community . Scholars have said that the three named ( there may have been more) Wise Men were Balthasar who was Arabian, Melchior who came from Persia ( modern Iran), and Gaspar who may have been from as far away as India. They brought costly gifts acknowledging the Kingship of Jesus . At this point we realise a wonderful miracle has taken place . They represented the whole inclusive and world wide nature of the birth of Christianity . This is probably the greatest theme of Epiphany , the opening of the Gospel to be all embracing and truly international, for all humankind. Our churches are described on this opening pages as caring and warm , inviting everyone, in our communities to share in the greatest gift of all — Love personified. Our church notice boards have the most important message of all ; we are Inclusive . Popular culture has come to use the word epiphany as being  A moment of sudden and great revelation or realisation . The modern interpretation is absolutely right . Epiphany is the miracle of Christmas made real in the everyday experience.

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Stephen D. Hazlett, Rector of Greyfriars, Kirkcudbright and Interim Priest for Christ Church and St Ninian’s.

See below for more details about Stephen. 


Weekly Services

All details of our weekly services appear on the Worship and What’s On pages of this website.  You are most welcome to join us for any of our services.  Being part of a community set in the popular holiday area of Dumfries & Galloway we do like to have visitors and always serve coffee after morning worship as part of our welcome and outreach.


Christ Church, Dalbeattie and our sister church St Ninian’s, Castle Douglas are currently interregnum.  We are seeking a new Rector who will serve both Parishes.  On our Vacancy  page you will find our Rector Profile and Congregational Profiles for both churches.

This month’s message from Mark Smith

The Revd Mark Smith

The Reverend Mark Smith

FEBRUARY already!

This year Ash Wednesday and St Valentine’s Day fall together (14th).  Both are about love.  One is used to declare hidden love and express the hope that it will be reciprocated.  The other starts a 40 day period – a penitential season for Christians.

For those in any relationship, St Valentine’s Day has become a red-letter day – don’t forget the card and chocolates and meal and wine and … or else we will be in the doghouse!

For Christians Lent is a vital reminder of our need of God – we mustn’t forget that … or else we will find ourselves wandering away from the Way of Jesus.

Giving a card to a secret love and acknowledging our imperfections to the Almighty may seem miles apart, yet they aren’t!

Both are about the power of love.

Valentine’s Day is about hoped-for love and the possibilities that can open up.

Lent is about Good Friday – the ultimate Valentine.  God’s clear declaration of Love.

Love that overcomes the ultimate barrier, that between God and man, between imperfect, finite, mortal human beings and the Infinite, Eternal, thrice Holy God.

Each Sunday we come together to worship God, learn about His love shown through Jesus, seek His strength for whatever we face in our daily lives and grow in faith.

During the week many Church members serve their neighbours and communities in a variety of ways – in Church activities, at work, at home or through charity-work.

You are welcome to join us at any of our regular Sunday Services or mid-week activities.

Taste and see that the Lord is good !

See What’s On for more detail and join us if you can.

May God Bless you

Are you in need of prayer? 

Whether it be a personal issue or a concern for another person or situation, or even a desire to get closer to God, the Ministry of Laying-On-Of-Hands gives an opportunity to open up to God.

We offer it in faith that God wants to work in people’s lives and wants to use us as His channels. Sometimes it brings healing, sometimes empowerment, sometimes wisdom – always it opens us to God’s Love, Mercy and Grace.

The Priest simply places a hand on someone’s head and prays for God to bless them, acting as a channel for God’s Love, Mercy and Grace.

We now offer this Ministry during Communion – just carry your Pew Sheet with you to the rail and the Priest will ask your name and pray for you before administering Communion.

How to find us

We are at the junction of High Street and Blair Street,
Dalbeattie, Dumfries and Galloway, DG5 4DT

Click here to see us on   google maps 


The Reverend Stephen Hazlett

Christ Church is currently interregnum.  Our Interim Priest is The Reverend Stephen Hazlett, Rector of Greyfriars Kirkcudbright and St Mary’s Gatehouse of Fleet.  As he takes up this post, he has sent this message to both our congregations:

“A warm hello to everyone in St. Ninian’s Castle Douglas and Christ Church Dalbeattie. Bishop Gregor has appointed me as your Interim Priest during the vacancy, so this is by way of a brief introduction. Along with everyone else, we too will miss David and Alison as they move to County Wexford and retirement. Although if I know anything about the Church of Ireland David will be called upon to do something clerical! I am a friendly big Irishman who has been over thirty years in ministry, and moved as Rector of Kirkcudbright and Gatehouse of Fleet last October, having previously served as Anglican Vicar and Port Chaplain with the Mission to Seafarers  in Rotterdam. I am speaking about this to your next Mothers’ Union meeting on 28 November. Canon Bayne had been our Interim Priest – so maybe this is pay-back time !

As I already look after two busy congregations, I am privileged that both your churches are well blessed with excellent Vestries and local clergy, including active retired ministers, who will be especially appreciated as they undertake the church services . Although I may be the first point of contact for weddings, funerals, hospital visits, and other pastoral emergencies (please do not hesitate to contact me) I will also have a number of clerical colleagues perfectly able to assist as required.

These will not be easy days for either church as you contemplate the future so I will leave you with the words of the Rev. Adoniram Judson (what a great name!), a former missionary- partner in Burma,  the future is as bright as the promises of God. “


Contact Details:  
The Reverend Stephen Hazlett
The Rectory

18 Castledykes Road
Kirkcudbright DG6 4AN
Tel: +44 (0)1557 620132
Mobile: 07900 231360
• Email form

Christ Church Scottish Episcopal Church Dalbeattie is a registered Scottish Charity. Charity Number SC010918

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